Indexed Universal Life

You may be surprised how indexed universal life insurance can improve the quality of your life.

It can help .....
  • provide financial security for your familiy
  • build financial security for your business
  • supplement your retirement income - tax free!
  • pay off credit cards, car payments, student loans, or other debts.
  • cover mortgage payments.
  • send your kids to college.
  • address emergencies if and when they arise.
What is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?
  1. With indexed universal life insurance, you have a choice of fixed rate strategies and/or indexed strategies that are based on the upward movement of a stock market index or indices.
  2. The cash value of an IUL policy is not invested directly in the stock market.
  3. Many people do not want to risk their cash accumulation value to market fluctuations.  IUL gives you the opportunity to participate in index increases.  It also provides protection from decreases with a miniumum guaranteed interest rate.
Learn more by clicking on this series of informational videos
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Boitano Insurance is based in Thousand Oaks, CA.  We have been serving Westlake Village and the surrounding communities for over 5 years.  We represent a number of carriers so we can find the right coverage at the right price.  We are a broker, which means we represent you, not an insurance company. 

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